What is a Bull?

If you’ve ever been to Pamplona you may have seen bulls chasing a matador around the famous “Plaza de Toros” arena – well we’re not talking about that kind of bull here. No horns, no matadors.. and certainly no swords. A bull in the hotwife community can take on many different roles for many different couples, but they are usually a strong alpha type male that is selected by the wife and/or husband to play a pro-active sexual part in the relationship. They tend to be selected on their looks, prowess and most importantly their sexual ability and agility. Discretion is also a huge factor for many as privacy is extremely important for discrete couples.

The role of a bull is purely sexual. That’s their job. They are there to satisfy the hotwife. This can often form a long and open relationship in which the husband is involved and watches or possibly films for a memento for the couple.

The most common types of Bull:

  • Alpha Bull – A traditional strong alpha male type bull that forms a powerful sexual relationship with the hotwife. The alpha bull will date and have sex with the hotwife. The husband may or may not be involved depending on dynamics.
  • Dom Bull – A dom bull will take the lead in the relationship and the hotwife will become a sub to the dominating bull. This could include bondage, spanking, humiliation and other dom/sub play. The husband may also take on a submissive role to the bull in this relationship and could include tasks like cleaning the bull’s cum from his wife, cuckolding and humiliation. As with any dom/sub relationships the boundaries will differ between couples and bulls.
  • BBC Bull – A BBC bull or “big black cock” bull is a very popular choice for many hotwives online, particularly in The USA. This type of bull relationship usually goes hand-in-hand with some kind of fetish raceplay. The bull is selected by the hotwife because of the large size of his cock (i.e. BBC) and the pleasure this larger cock gives. The husband may also be involved in a cuck type role with some kind of humiliation.
  • Stag Bull – A stag bull is a married bull and is usually part of a hotwife a couple. The husband is a “stag” and the wife is a “hotwife” or “vixen”. There is a bit of crossover with the wife swapping and swingers community here where they have adopted the “bull” and “hotwife” terms and tend to apply to an open relationship or swinging lifestyle .

Please feel free to leave comments below if you are a bull or couple that would like to share their own dynamic or relationship if it does not fit into one of the categories above. The Hotwife scene is a very broad lifestyle and I would love to hear about other opportunities and bull selections from the community.

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