Top 5 Hotwife Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Running along the canal with my earbuds in is my happy place. I love running and listening to a good podcast or audiobook at the same time. It helps me relax and also completely zone out. I’ve recently looked into some of the Hotwife podcasts after a chat with one of the community members – @jessstar.

It’s been a real blast listening to the different views, opinions and stories about being in a hotwife/couple. There have been some aspects I can relate to with my wife – and others not so much for us. As many of you will know – it is a very broad church and can be different for each couple.

Below are a couple of my faves and podcasts I now subscribe to myself. It can be a very interesting experience sat on the train listening to a very in-depth discussion on cum swapping and cleaning-up whilst everyone else in the carriage is completely oblivious.

1. The Authentic Hotwife Podcast

Candid stories and reflections of a newbie Australian Hotwife in her early 30s

2. The Keys and Anklets Podcast

The Keys and Anklets Podcast is hosted by Michael C whose background makes him uniquely qualified to be an expert in the field. He is a bull with over 20 years of experience in the hotwife/cuckolding lifestyle. He hopes to elevate the lifestyle, educate others about it, and help people navigate the ups and downs within it.

3. The Hot Wife Life

Dedicated to the hot wife lifestyle! A sexy, married swinging MILF and her adorable husband talk about their hot wife experiences & share insight and stories.

4. The Cuckoldress Podcast

Follow my journey from fantasy cuckoldress to real life cuckoldress exploring the realms of cuckolding. After years of discussion, and humouring my cuck husband’s kink, it occurred to me that to deny being his cuckoldress was to deny him part of his sexuality. As a loving wife, perhaps I ought to take on lovers (known as bulls in the cuckolding lifestyle), and satisfy my sexual needs to satisfy his?

5. Bed Hoppers

A podcast from a UK couple. Loads of episodes all about their journey and adventures in the swinging lifestyle.

If there are any other hotwife or swinging-ish podcasts that you listen to – then please feel free to post in the comments below.

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