Site Update: New Privacy Options for Members

Hi guys, just a quick update on a new feature added to the site recently. Privacy is really important to us as a couple. We love sharing our escapades, but we want to be in control of our own content – that’s one of the main reasons I started the site. We have now added extra privacy options for those that wish to share pictures and videos with the Hotwife community.

We had some great feedback from the community about photo and video uploads so we got our team of amazing web wizards at on the case. You can now control the privacy of your status updates, pictures, videos as well as your media albums and uploads.

The options available when you want to upload media give you control of your own content and privacy:

  • Private – Only visible to you.
  • Friends Only – Only visible to your approved and accepted friends.
  • Logged-in users – Only visible to logged-in members of the community.
  • Public – We are a private members only community so these are also only visible to logged-in members of the community.

Please take advantage of the new privacy setting and I hope this gives some of our newer members the confidence to share their pictures or videos. If you have any comments or feedback on the new privacy controls then pleas use the comments form below or send me a DM.

By Ben

Hello. My Name's Ben and this is my website. Gym nut, entrepreneur and happily married to a Hotwife.

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