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Invite new members

I want to keep everyone involved in the constant new developments going on behind the scenes at Hotwife. In the last few weeks we have been hard at work on a new invitations tool. You can find it under the “Send invites” tab on your account homepage.

This is to enable registered and approved hotwife community members to invite new members to the community easily from their control panel. The aim is to make it easier for new like minded and recommended members to join the site and also to keep the community as friendly and engaged as possible. New applications from invited members will be fast tracked for approval.

The details

  • You can invite 5 people at a time.
  • Please invite friends to the community.
  • Invited members will be fast tracked for approval to the site
  • This is not an opportunity to for spammers to join the community.

Have some fun!

Invite your wife, invite your mistress.. invite your hubby to register and see the comments on your account. Invite the nextdoor neighbour to see what you are getting upto on lockdown.

By Ben

Hello. My Name's Ben and this is my website. Gym nut, entrepreneur and happily married to a Hotwife.

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