Released from lockdown: Hotels now open for meets

It has been a long wait for many couples who like to meet and play with bulls in hotels – including us. However as of Monday the 17th May the wait is over and hotels in England are allowed to open. I am certainly looking forward to sitting down in the bar and just watching from a distance as my stunning wife attracts the eyes of every man in the room. Such a treat to!

Lockdown has been an interesting experience for everyone. We have found time to learn more about our relationship and explore our kinks in other ways. The supermarket became one of our favourite (and only) places we could go for some public fun and teasing. My wife asking fit young strangers for help or bending over to the bottom of the freezer cabinet in the shortest of skirts. I will never forget the look on that lads face! It is amazing how you can find some entertainment in the middle of a nationwide lockdown.

I do plan on doing a some more features on the best hotwife hotels for stays and meets. I think that would be a good idea!

Get your rooms booked, your sluttiest heels on and make arrangements for your favourite hotwife/bulls. It is time to have some fun in hotels again!

By Ben

Hello. My Name's Ben and this is my website. Gym nut, entrepreneur and happily married to a Hotwife.

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