5 Secret Signs of a Hotwife Revealed

How do I know she’s a hotwife? Are there any secret signs? These are questions I get asked very often by my male friends that are not familiar with the hotwife lifestyle. They are curious, intrigued and would like to get involved. Who wouldn’t? However, they think it’s some kind of secret club with signs, rules and secret handshakes. I’ve tried my best to decode a few of of the common signs.

Anklets – Anklets have long been a symbol of hotwives and swinger couples. They can be worn on either the left or the right ankle. Look out for symbols or charms on the anklet such as “queen of spades”, “keys and/or padlocks” or “initials and numbers” which may suggest a hotwives’ intentions and desires.

Keys or key symbols on jewellery or anklets – a hotwife may wear a key symbol on jewellery or an anklet if her husband is a cuckold. The key will symbolise her control over him and the fact that he is currently in chastity or “locked away” and she has the key. The key may be purely symbolic or could actually be for a physical chastity cage or “cock cage” the husband may be wearing to stop him becoming erect.

QOS or Queen of Spades – The Queen of Spades is often used as a secret symbol for a hotwife that likes to have sex with predominantly black bulls. Look out for the queen of spades sign on a necklace, anklet or tattoo. A common place for this tattoo is often on the ankle and cleavage. A spot on the body that can be easily covered for work or personal affairs, but shows in more revealing clothing. The symbol would suggest the hotwife is looking, prefers black men and often takes more than one at a time.

– A relatively recent and not so secret addition has been the rise of hotwife clothing and underwear. This may be printed tshirts, tops and hoodies that show the phrase hotwife or possible some of the symbols mentioned above. If I’m honest, I’m not a huge fan of this novelty printed clothing.

A Husband
– This is probably the most important and obvious one. A hotwife will have an active and supportive husband. You may never see him, or he may be the one to initially interact with you. He will be there and you must respect that.

Never assume and always be polite and respectful. If you are in doubt if she is a hotwife, just ask. A hotwife will answer honestly.. a notwife will have no idea what you are on about and it may be best to make quick exit before her husband returns. Please leave any comments or feedback below – as always would love to hear some.

By Ben

Hello. My Name's Ben and this is my website. Gym nut, entrepreneur and happily married to a Hotwife.

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  • NjMa

    Totally agree with being polite and respectful would also add a good sense of humour is also a very good way in definitely for me anyway 😉

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